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My Life

My Care

There are different types of care. Everyone's circumstances are unique.

My Health

Being healthy is important for all young people. Being healthy covers things like what you eat, what exercise you do and being confident and happy. It is also important that you know when and how to seek help or advice from professionals if you are feeling unwell or worried about your health.

My School Life

We want to support you with your education to help you achieve your hopes and wishes for the future.

My Voice

As well as being able to share your views and opinions by speaking to your social worker, carers, key worker or reviewing officer, sometimes it can be difficult to talk about some concerns or worries.

My Future

Achieving a good education is one of our main goals. We also want to support you with training, further education and employment opportunities.

Everyone has rights! Children and young people have rights and it’s a good idea if you know what your rights are.