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Children In Care

Dudley Council's Pledge to Me

The Dudley Pledge has been developed by Children in Care Council and is a set of promises to Dudley’s Looked After Children, young people and care experienced adults. It reflects what is important to those young people to ensure that they develop into resilient, achieving and happy adults who can make a positive contribution to society.

When a child goes into the care of Dudley, Dudley becomes their corporate parent. This means that we are responsible for making sure you have the best possible care and that you are kept safe, in the same way that any good parent would. The Corporate Parenting Board is a group that meets regularly to talk about issues for children and young people in care and tries to work out a way to support when issues arise.

The Corporate Parenting Board fully endorses the Pledge and our commitment to all children looked after in Dudley is as follows:

Where you live and who you live with

We want you to feel loved, safe and happy.

We will:

  • make sure you are able to keep things that are important to you safe and that they will be able to go with you when you move
  • ask you about how things are going
  • always tell you why, where you are going and who you are going with if you need to move

Your school

We want you to:

  • go to the right kind of school
  • have a Personal Education Plan
  • have a teacher in school you can talk to
  • have whatever help you need at school
  • take part in school holidays and trips and the forms will be sorted quickly
  • only change schools if you really need to
  • be educated somewhere else if you can’t go to school

Always there for you

We want you to

  • feel listened to and know that people are there for you and will answer your questions
  • have a social worker who will visit you and talk to you on your own
  • have carers who are able to talk to you about things and teach you new things

Playing and having fun

We want you to

  • be able to try out new activities
  • be able to swim at least 25 metres
  • be given a leisure card so that you can attend leisure activities provided by Dudley Sport & Leisure
  • have the opportunity to play an instrument

When you have left school

We want you to

  • go to college, university or have a job
  • be given the help and advice you need especially about money
  • be supported by us even after you have left school

Family and friends

We want you to

  • be told about your family, friends and carers if this is possible
  • be listened to about your views about family and friends
  • be told if you can’t see your family the reasons why
  • keep in contact with your friends whilst in care
  • be able to invite friends back to where you are living and stay overnight with their family if you are safe
  • have help to complete your life story book
  • have photos from when you were living at home

Health and wellbeing

We want you to

  • have someone you can talk to if you are worried about staying healthy
  • be registered with a doctor and dentist
  • be involved in activities to keep you healthy and happy