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When you first start to live away from home, your social worker, foster carers or your residential worker, and on some occasions, your family, will sit down and meet with you. This meeting is to start making plans for your future and agree a care plan for you.

It’s important that everyone who is involved in your life knows what is happening and what plans you have for the future. This is called your care plan. Your care plan will cover everything to do with you, from contact with your friends and family, to school, to health and hobbies; to what food you like and what activities you enjoy doing. Your plan will be updated when changes happen and sometimes it will change at your review.

Your care plan will contain lots of different things which matter to you, such as:

  • how we keep you safe
  • where you’re going to live
  • how you’re going to keep in touch with your family
  • how long you are going to be looked after for
  • your school and your health
  • your friends and what you like doing in your free time

What is a Looked After Review?

A review is a meeting with you to discuss how you are getting on and how you feel about where you live. It is a chance for you and those people who are responsible for you to share what has been happening and to plan for your future. Whilst you are looked after you will have regular reviews. The first one will be within 28 days of coming into care, then another review within 3 months and then at least 1 every 6 months or more often if needed.

The review is organised by your social worker with the Independent Reviewing Officer.

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